A lyrical examination of the social engineering that compels people to watch court proceedings — some of the most boring and awful human interactions — on TV.

The training has taken

Afflicted the brain

Reason forsaken

We’re seeking the pain

Ever mistaken

Accept loss as gain

Facts can’t be shaken

We’re completely insane

Steeped within the things we hate

Constant conflict can’t abate

Appetite to arbitrate

Suffering must fascinate

While some folks are eating

Others entertain

Go forward retreating

Where freedoms restrain

Inducements entreating

Proceedings profane

Enjoying our beating 

The tyrant’s domain

Blinded in the search for heat

Burned in darkness quite complete

Consumed by tastes bittersweet

As always are what we eat

Our demise we’re Courting

Imprisoned on TV

Reality distorting

Jailed intellectually

Misery and suffering

Far as the eye can see

Schadenfreude is the thing

They sell on Court TV

To the table what you bring

Case of incivility

From the gallows none to swing

Yet none get off Scott-free

All will now rise as Court TV’s in session

Where everyone makes a disfunction confession

Prep yourself for home-version repression

Acting judges offer a legal impression

Who is qualified to judge

One person or the masses

Pliant – unwilling to budge

Wearing blindfold or glasses

Who will have the final say

Our experts or advisers

Justice never in the way

When ruled by advertisers

Our demise we are Courting

Imprisoned upon TV

Reality distorting

Jailed intellectually

Their programming importing

Pleasure in our misery

Justice again aborting

Prison far as eyes can see


© 2014

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