Already Gone



an old poem (2002) about losing a friend

I've decided that she's already gone
It's what most people do, 'round here, anyway
Leave, go, "bye bye"
Nobody ever decides to stay

I've got too many quirks, to many flaws
Nobody has ever decided to love them all
There's always something that's just "too much"
And nobody ever admits they're appalled

They all fade out, every one of them
Time after time, never coming back again
"You're too" this, or "You're so" that...
I guess I should be used to all of this chagrin

But I don't think I ever will be
I don't think this is how it should be, see...
This is not how the story is supposed to go
I'm supposed to be happy, not lonely.

Friends aren't common place around here
And those present for a short time are very dear
It hurts to ready myself for another loss
But I hope that I made my appreciation clear

Soon enough, I'll find my answer
As to which part of me is such a cancer
That nobody is willing to withstand me
Or which part is just a dehancer.

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