Small World



Technology is the great distraction. It is a blessing and a curse.

Our anniversary in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Aroma of jerk chicken sizzling on a grill mingled with the scent of salt water is intoxicating.

I want to live on this resort forever.

White foam washing over smooth rocks and seashells.

Don’t wake me.

I put on my shades to block out the sun.

I have been sitting on the sand staring at the slippery, silver, sleek screen for hours.

My eyes, blurry from focusing on the net of distraction.

Moments missed, memories never made, people not engaged.

Caught in the abundance of information.

Although I am in paradise.

Delicious food, frozen drinks, beautiful breeze.                    

I cannot miss what is going on at home.

The screen whispers in my ear.

Someone is celebrating a birthday. A celebrity died. A friend request is pending.

Update your status so everyone can

see it,

like it,

and comment.

If I do not post it, it did not happen.

But, if I do post it, I did not experience it.  

I close the world and turn to my husband.

“Let’s eat surf and turf at the steak restaurant and go dancing.”

He smiles and says, “I thought I was going to have to go alone.”

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