I Feel Something



Just another poem about depression. I find it really easy to write about this shit.

I feel something deep inside of me
Feel like I'm losing control
Oh my god, what can it be
All my struggles are finally taking its toll

I feel something creeping up on me
My brain feels so wore
This feeling is so strong
I can't take it any more

I Just want to live a normal life
But it's finally got me now
Somebody help me
It's pulling me down somehow

It's consuming me
Mind, body, and soul
It's dragging me down
To a deep, dark hole

Dragging me deeper
I'm under its spell
Deep, deep, deeper
In this cold, dark hell

I like it here now
In this deep, dark void
No one bothers me here
No more, will I be annoyed

Blackness all around me
But I am not scared
The voices all tell me
That nobody cared

I listen to the voices
That are all around
Some are soft, some are loud
But they are abound

They all tell me
About my shitty life
About the pain and struggle
And about the strife

But now I want out
I want out of this hole
Please, somebody help me
Before it consumes my soul

I feel something reaching
Reaching out to me
Then I see the light
My god, could it be?

I reach for the light
With a ray of hope
But the darkness hold on strong
Like a thick ass rope

Heading for the light
And I try not to trip
The darkness holds on to me
In its deathly grip

But I fight and I claw
At this darkness so strong
It finally lets me go
I'm back where I belong

But the darkness will come
Again, I am sure
Because deep down inside
There is no cure

So I just sit here and wait
For the next time it shows
Where and when it will come
Nobody knows.


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