Riders in the Night Ronald G. Asch (Writer1900@gmail.com)



Written to never forget the Holocaust. With all that is happening now, we are but a shrug away from history repeating...We cannot allow that to happen



They were herded off in freight cars

So silent in the night

A mass sea of humanity

that decided not to fight.

Was it that they believed 

no harm would come to them

or that they were just the spoils of war

to be ruled by other men.

And so they passed the countryside,

the cities and the farms,

to wind up in the depths of hell

with numbers on their arms.


That was many years ago

but still we feel the pain.

The fear mixed with agony 

That was riding on those trains.

Now something deep inside us

cries out in true despair 

And like those doomed night riders

we gasp for breaths of air.

How could it have happened?

Our eyes well up with tears,

then anger overwhelms us

undiminished by the years.

I'll teach my son the horror ,

but I'll teach him how to fight.....

.....And hope to God his children

won't be dragged off in the night.





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