Pain Replaced



Helping yourself has a crown in the ability to help others through your own self discovery. Learn so that you may teach.

Mindless Confines

Lines Intertwine

Seeking Self Worth

Time Redefined


Plays Masquerade

Days Congregate

Mistaken Identity

Lies Interlaced


Teach Higher Thought

Oceans Across

Wealth Of Self

Directing The Lost


Written Motivation

Witness Frustration

Explain The Pain

Given New Destination


Give Hurt Hope

Working To Cope

Overcome Misery

Tossing A Rope


Lift Up The Fallen

Gift Of The Calling

Speaking Unafraid

Helping The Walled In


Seeking To Help

Preaching Of Wealth

Each Is A Gem

Reaching The Real


Fear Decimates

Knowledge Creates

Hold Onto Dreams

Ignorance Replaced


-By, Shaun Dobbs


Words Whirl Worlds


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