the carrot



rough and ready

my mom is such a bitch such a bitch

she had me be soft and smooth always 

like a carrot 

wet from the package

there was always this sexual tension between us

i remember your bush of pubic hair 

you wanted me to see it

i remember seeing it in the tub

many times

i loved your white boobs sliding out of the baby's suckling lips 

you and she sweet with milky sleep

you made no attempt to hide them

they were beautiful you bitch

you loved me more than any living man

that means dad

you're an animal sexually

racked by religious guilt

sexual desires increased to a fever pitch by denial

dad was your bitch though

denied (I wish I knew the details)

treated stone cold he was


not holy

you loved me not him

we could've had sex

may have made things better

you said you will be the wife at my wedding, you bitch

i was soft and smooth in your hands


unlike all the other men 

white and rough with roots and notches

but this carrot was aware he was different

not the same as all the other carrots who were

rough to touch

he knew he was different and assumed she did too

bitch of a mother

he knew it and assumed she did 


he knew he had to leave

to have any chance to grow

rough to touch

rough enough to survive the harsh weathers and

the foolish children and

the gnawing rodents, perhaps

perhaps it was all futile, carrots are

food to be eaten

considered so by several species

futile why struggle?

he has struggled did struggle 

to develop that rough to touch

old enough he went to join the carrots who

were food for donkeys

perhaps the donkeys' chewing would 

toughen him

one day he saw that 

in the donkeys' mouths



food, food? food. food food food

he would twist and dodge and 

let himself be chewed

only partially

a martyr

but also a strong carrot needing

to surpass the limits of its spirit

and the teeth notched him

roughened him

wanted to eat all of him

he knew he could not last

 but clung to his naive belief in

his bitch mom's love for donkeys

at last he realized

the donkeys feared the living carrot

the way it twisted violently in their mouths

its now pointed tip caused them to bleed inside

they feared it

didn't like it

feared what it may teach the other carrots

they told it to leave at long last

and where did it go?

Now it was too tough and pointed for

that bitch to handle

at long last

the bitch could no longer handle it

the bitch is the single worst thing

for the carrot

nothing worse

but now, riding the rubbish heap

the carrot dreams of becoming a blade to 

kill its enemies

one by one

and leave a dead fish.

perhaps they already fear it.

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