Secret parts of self



26/9/16 Ways to perceive and express oneself, poetry set. How to see without light/Dead air/...with a little help from my friends

How to see without light


When the mirror

turns black,

and your eyes glaze over,

do your other senses heighten,

to somehow see yourself?



Dead air


There is radio-silence,

it's dead air out there,

stifling, like a stinking swamp,

the sweat on my brow sticking...

My shirt plastered to my back,

my skin reddening and rotting

in the secret places where it touches itself.

My very existence poisonous to myself.



...with a little help from my friends


I can find the light inside,

with help from my little friends.

Small faces smiling, tiny hands touching

in just the right way and just the right places

to bring me out of myself,

just enough,

to let me sing from a barely remembered,

nearly inaccessible corner of my soul.



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