Between Fractured Verse and Poetry



Very try to explain yourself in a few words? I do. I have. And it seems, I must. And here lies yet another of those explanations. lmr

I co-exist with bits
And pieces of me,
I am the stuff of
Fractured verse
And makeshift poetry.

I am an open door
And a barbed-wired fence.
I am comic relief,
With a pause for
Dramedy.  I am
Unintentionally intense. I am
Simply me. Composed of
Half-Asian eyes
And Negroid lips .I am

Hip-Hop, and part

Jazz purist. I

Breathe in rhythms
And speak in lyrics. I
And gasp through lungs
That pace and race thru
Through states and mazes of
Conflicted emotions.

All heart, and bone
And blatant sensitivities,
I am chronic bum, and work of
Art… I am
An unclaimed memory...
Full of soft blues.  I am
Hemorrhaging reds, and
Could always use a bit more

I am full of visions
That lead to
Still-born dreams...
I am pristine
Memories of
Joy and Pain…
I am thick with quiet
And screaming
I am a muted expression
And this hovering

A once shimmering
Star losing its
Shine... I am
Like a black hole
Dead… or slowly


Yet, I co-exist with
Bits and pieces of me,
And sure-footedness pimps
My uncertainty...

Half-broken man,
Part ravenous child,
Half reticent kid,
Part verbose wildman…
And few will ever
Truly get me...
Why?  Because I am
Poster child.

copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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