To Draw a Fox



This is a conceptual piece about drawing and how we are sometimes the hidden subject.

To Draw a Fox


Today I tried again to draw

a fox, brought the orange

pencil lead


down and shaped

the crest of the creature’s head.


His ears pointed slightly

forward, his one eye straight



to where he spied

a vixen in the distance beyond

the pines.


She was the color

of a bountiful

day in the deepest copper mines.


She sensed him watching

and hesitated.


We both grew still as for a second

silently we waited.


Could we let

ourselves be loved

if in the chase

a catch was fated?


Then with a nod,

we scampered

on without a thought,

and did not bother to erase

our paths.


(I found, later,

that the fox had drawn me

quite well ---


I thought I heard

him laugh.)

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