Inspired by my love my father who we lost two weeks ago. Its his birthday today so being able to write on this day means more to me than any other.



Leaves fall as Autumn nears

Like memories held dear

They slip away and come again in Spring.


A child trips and falls

In haste losing their balance

Like a heart consumed by loss.


Rain gently falls within a mist

In its grey depressing colours

It refreshes like long held back tears.


Time falls away with every breath

With futility we seek to deny it

Clinging to a special memory eternally.


Grace falls from those too vain

Fighting against time and fate

Takes the youth they seek to keep.


Love falls from every beating heart

Not a memory felt in haste

Nor lost in mist

Not futile or vain

But pure, sincere and everlasting

Even when life leaves us.


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