I can't wait to see how I resolve these!



Merely an update to the adventures of NamazuB.O'.B. and Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch.


 Would B.O'.B. return to Tethys? Will Namazu be left in the mud under Japan?

Do Urchina and Itchy Oochenscoot make it to Duluth to graduate Loopy Newt Institute?

Does animist minister, aged Phlex Sphincter, find the final ingredient for his latest anti-gravity spell?

Will Ms. Nori N. Salada remain at Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch as administrator of The First Church of What's Left of Earth?

Can Tick Willy learn to speak without topiary tools?

Does Towt Wwiff, (the one with thumbs who writes inanities for fish), wake up and smell the sea foam?


 I don't know, I'm still busier than a bass in a blender with the outdoor smorgasbord....

Maybe December?

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