I have no idea when I wrote this and what state I was in but it may help someone else rather than sit on a hard drive doing nothing or being totally erased as if it never existed like a lot of other written work I have done has been.



She’s gone somewhere else

Far away from the dying, she’s flying

And telling me to stop lying

Coz it’s not alright

Those defences built to block out the fright

Are falling

And I’m clinging on

To a world in pieces

Terrified to have a go at freefalling

This battle to keep control is a sharp knife

Stabbing me with death, decay and strife

Cutting up precious loves in life

It’s not surprising she takes flight

She’s hates lying low,

I wish it would all go away

But she doesn’t hang around debating doomsday

With energy running out

And a battery flashing a warning

The miracle of survival kicks in

To the frightened little girl in mourning

It’s okay.

It’s not a mystery.

Life is suffering

All beings wish to escape this offering

And so she flies.

Disaster deepens while she soars

Her soul thrives

Inside a body tied to a depressing reality

But her soul’s strives

To create an enjoyable fantasy

Heaviness spreads itself throughout

The body sluggish, the mind wiped out

Every moment hard work

The breathe is effective

But on its own

Is this permanent?

Is this fear of not knowing growing?

This weight of doom engulfs the room

It can’t be stopped once it’s started

It’s on a roll and can’t be parted

Struggling with a perilous force

Sucking energy from every source

Let it go, let it win,

The mind says no, step in the ring

A distorted chorus blaming

And in your face

The outcome obvious

A total disgrace!

Raw now

At war now

You versus me

The same body

Defeat and victory meet


You’re watching me

I’m watching you


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