The School Garden



My daughter wrote this when she was 11 year old and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all, she's now 24. I'm so proud of this that I thought it was time to show the world, I hope you enjoy and any comments will be feedback to her...thank you

                                                       The School Garden


As I walk through the garden I see the flowers dancing in the wind,

I see Bob in his yellow suit standing tall with his lollipop stick,

I see people walking in the playground looking at the garden,

The trees I see are very tall, bushy and thick.


I hear the roaring engine of the plane going past,

I hear the cars zooming along the road fast,

I can hear the birds in the air tweeting ,

I heard the bell ringing as we are about to go inside.


I feel the beautiful soft red poppies,

I touch the brown mud and it feels soggy,

I touch the small pieces of brown bark,

It feels like hard shaped toffees.


In the garden you can smell the perfume of the pink flowers,

Some plants have no smell at all,

I smell the bark and it smells like coffee,

The leaves smell like fresh pea pods.


By Kimberley Dickson

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