Some Fish. I Mermaid.



Tired of mermaid yet? Me Neither!

 Why would I Mermaid? It sure isn't sport.

Shy food grade or fur trade, just pure swimming consort.

I've perused a crusade of siren song for export

but, my mused "cavalcade" comprised, slightly,...of... one to report.


 This solemn, sole singer made the seeking so sweet.

A real sub-surface humdinger and sea streaking soul treat.

Her nautical song, I so longed for, replete.

Hypocritically wrong, I sought receipt for what makes complete.


 The moon has not changed. The sun stays the same.

I'll still swoon in deranged pun of my mermaiding game.

"The Siren Search", fun and remains my main aim

but, my heart surges for one, and mermaiden Marcy is her name.


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