The Disconnected Boss



The self-promoting, staff-demotivating boss

Do executives know when that moment occurred?

When the line defining what’s appropriate was blurred?

When their attempt at humor evolved into gaffe,

When they felt it was ok to cry poor to staff,

Describing your new beach house, it’s hard to ignore,

That your bonus was more than my salary (times four),

You “motivate” by insisting we hit all our dates,

Because you need to buy your son some new skates,

Post purchase you ask us to guess what you spent,

We were surprised when we learned it exceeded our rent,

At the company party to cheer record sales,

You spoke of how you overcame our group fails,

Afterward at our desks, you sensed our deep scar,

“Cheer up!” you shouted, “Can’t you see I’m a star?!”

“Just imagine my reward at the end of the year,”

With a grin you joked you’d even pay for a beer,

And we should be thankful, we should not feel cross,

Or you’ll can us, “I can do that because I’m the boss.”

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