Your Absence



This is a poem written in teenage! So it's totally generic...teenage love, enough said!

Your absence is my greatest fear,

Because you aren't at all near,

Every moment I'm about to lose my mind

Coz no one at all is your kind.


Your absence is nothing worth,

coz in me it's like devil's birth,

Nothing at all seems to be right,

this feeling is worsened at night.


The wind is blowing the opposite side,

the blooming flowers have died.

The weather hates me too much,

coz it knows i'm missing you too much!


Will do anything to get you back, near me...

coz the days without you are a never-ending sea.

Everything here is extremely dark,

Seems your absence is making a permanent mark...


So please my dear, come back soon,

So that I will also, glow like the moon !!!




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