A Mermaid's Dream



A mermaid who finds her way back home.

Behind her angles, the fabric of life

The solid architecture of man’s design

She wades into the warm ocean

Cracked soles sinking into the soft sand


Around her feet, a sensation, a tingling

Ripples, circles of magical magnetism

A fragile mass of body and soul

The water silk, caressing her blistered skin

Bruises fade, then disappear

Cuts once bleeding, now heal

Bare breasts revealed under the dazzling sun

The spray gently kissing her long limbs


The spray of the surf unrelenting

Below, the azure waters beckon her

Above heaven’s skies, jagged crack open

Her dark wavy locks soaked heavy


Eyelids shining, a shimmering gold

She lowers her dark brown eyes

Long eyelashes close over them

Breathing in the sharp, salt air

She tastes the sting of wet drops on her lips

And then her heart uplifting, floating,

As the spray washes over her, all of her  

Joy unrelenting, crashes up through her belly


Undulating, rolling waves swallow her

Lightless, airy, an angel of the briny deep

Her legs ache with absolute bliss

Her tail emerges, turquoise scales


Ultra-marine, cobalt, sparkling hues

She dips and twists, crystal rocks

Seaweed, fish and creatures of the sea

Inviting her to the depths of the ocean

She breathes in and out, bubbles escaping her lips

She opens her eyes, safe as can be

Here in the magic, is where she belongs

This is her fantasy, her mermaid’s dream

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