'I Do,' Whatever Happened?



/ I Do

It all starts with a look...flirtituous...meaningful

A shy, timid 'hi' follows not long after

Then an explosive meeting of the lips announces the wordless pact

Several moons later, the tolling of the cathedral bells

And ululating of exuberant village women

And the mythical laughter of carousing young men

And endless sighs of dreading mother for daughter leaving home

And the purr of finely tuned motor engines

Announces happy nuptials

I do...I do...

The confused tremor in the young lads voice

Mirrors the blissful expections in his stary eyed's bride

As they intone vows sacred

For better...for worse

In sickness....in health

For richer....for poor

A pledge to each other to becoming of one

Only to go home to find which one

Which one indeed


By the month of immaculate conception festivities

The promises are long forgotten and

The vows trodden underfoot 

The lustre in her eyes deemed

And hope in his breast crashed

As selfish ambition

And lust for materialism

And pride of life

And disdain for divine precepts

Move-in and make aboard in their home

What once was a promise of happiness

Bliss and eternal love

Has since become a poisoned chalice

Defiling a once pure pool of love 

Turning it into a miasma of despair and hopelessness

A macabre prison where murder is contemplated day and night

Whatever happened to 'I do?'

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