Lady of the Wind



Beauty be the lady of the wind


be the lady of the wind

how she cometh and goeth

               stroking masculinity frail

tempting a muted soul to wail.

              Where be thyself?

                        Oh! lady of the wind!

Drowned shadows weep under breathless trees

blearing reticent summer memories .

            Beautiful lady of the wind

                      eyes bright changeth somber

over sins fantasized of poetic words

aimless thoughts cold from an obscuring sun.


                life to never be the same

while your heart vacillates

like the tide by the seashore

that you so wildly long for.

              How I fell so in love with thee

enraptured by a romantic novel

with words bleeding off torn pages

and every drop fills an empty crippled spirit.

                 My lady of the wind

                     beautiful as you may be

I can hear you crying

through this lonely passage drowned in

shadows that weep under breathless trees.

               When shalt thou find peace?

Find it in me if all else fails

for my imperfections are a spec

    to  pain caused by the undeserving.

              My touch hinders your rage

forgetting how we lived before love.

              Oh! Beautiful lady of the wind

do not lift your comfort from me

stroke this masculinity frail,

              fill my crippled soul with bleeding words

torn from pages of a romantic novel

where endless sunsets recollect our unabridged love

withering the wind until you fall in my arms.

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