A walkdown the memory lane



A snippet from my travel diaries...to northern India

Sleekly, the sun kept popping in and out
like a countless mystery waiting to be known..........
While i peeped in astonishment to nature's beauty, untold
Hours it took, to reach every place..
But nothing was weary for we had time, the ace
The unperturbed beauty of nature or the hills
Our to do list was being ticked with weatherly chills..
Churning through the lanes of splendour
I forgot we had a living elsewhere to render…
That Buddhist temple, like a rendezvous with myself...
A souvenir I picked as a memoir to forever repel
And that tiny road block, took nothing but our time
our hurriedness to the destination so sublime...
From an ode to the goddess to the ebony skies…
Like a pilgrim of valour, we enveloped our long lost ties
The threads that tweaked in the river Ganges
Promised retreat to our heavenly abodes, when in time
But a dogmatism as naïve as grime
This journey spoke of how words flew
Of how briefly our distances grew
The journey ended and so did our ways
Like a dream come true, togetherness sways


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