The Sun-Draped Edge



Inspired by what I think is a Leon Helms song that involved a lot of hand-holding and was covered by Old Crow Medicine Show and the Lumineers and the Milk Carton Kids.

TWS #1

The minstrels have the sharpest edge

But they can’t excise dark clouds from the kaleidoscope sky

Close your eyes against the black and white

Fill your head with every sound

Feel every shoulder pressed tight

Can you escape reason’s gravity

Held up by the love you brung?

Is your heart full enough to survive the doubting sea?

The backs of them underneath

Will bring you close enough

To stretch out your hand to the stage

And join that old crow’s warble

Lend a tenor to Leon’s dirt farm

And dance around a spotlit milk carton

Step out onto that stage and cry out

Bathed in the sun-draped wall of sound

Now stretch out your hand

So I can give you mine



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