Skyward (Until the end of time)



A poem about looking for comfort in material things, and discovering that there is none there to be found.

These silken flowers don't smell so sweet,

And plastic grapes aren't good to eat.

My glass menagerie will bear no meat,

Until the end of time.


These crystal creatures look at me,

But should they fall beneath my feet,

My skin will break; my soul will bleed,

Until the end of time


O crutch, O crutch, on which I lean,

Why is it that you run from me?

Alas, I know it isn't you I seek,

Until the end of time.


So with eyes turned skyward, seeking truth

Hopeful heart and love of youth,

"Lord let me walk in the light of you,

Until the end of time."


And when the last day comes...


Draw me skyward, unto you

Give me one last dream come true

Lord, let me not be far from you,

Upon the end of time.

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