Poem on Valentine's day.

Is love in the air

In this world of despair

My hope, my heart

My soul by you is marked

The sun rises and I ache

The sun sets, I lie awake

A dream you are to my soul

Hope of heaven

And treasures untold

I hear your whispers on night breezes

The trees sway and dance

Branches caressed as it pleases

Through my window the tendrils climb

Lifting away sleep from my mind

I rise sensing your call

To the heavens my eyes fall

In the vastness of starlight

Past the moon and the edge of night

You are there and I am here

Down my face fall unhindered tears

The ache of my heart, yearning of my soul

If only to have you once more to hold

Wrapping my arms about myself

My head bows in prayer for help

Please do not wake me again like this

Only in my dreams your face I may kiss

As I sleep, in my dreams we meet

The memories of you my heart keeps

Even as my longing soul weeps

I lay myself across the windowsill

The breeze cools, calms

My flushed body kneels

Spent with heartache I drift to sleep

Waking in my dreams again to find

The love that is mine, my only

Always and forever, my Valentine



                                        The Ghost of You | LAS-T | Source

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