A face with no color



the human soul

                                                  A face with no color


 I’m not a violent person, and words are just words, but some words burns deep in your soul like fire and your thoughts are so hot you cannot contain or control. And before you know, it has travel to your fist and it express itself, so others can feel it.


 But back to my story. I hear these words in disbelief I turn towards the four faces that was with me, those whom I consider to be my friends.


 The first face had a smirk, a smile, not a smile of disbelief, but a smile of enjoyment of those words. His face was white, his eyes had a glow of red. A different glow of red, from the other white faces with their red glow.


This one I will not trust, this one is not a friend, I will never turn my back towards him -- in the same split second of my turn, I look at the other two white faces; their faces were still white, they had no glow. They hung their heads in shame, and that remain the same. These two I will call acquaintances, not quite a friend.


So as I turned towards, the last white face, as I looked in dismay, he was gone. Where has, this white face ran off too, I thought? At, that moment I heard a fist having a conversation with a face. I turn and looked and it was the last face, the one I was looking for.


I looked at his face and it had changed it was no longer white. It was a face with no color. The words that taunted my soul, burnt holes through his and he couldn’t contain or control that fire from within. This one, I would call a friend, his face has move on to a better place among the human race.         

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