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yipee are you free?


I’m free


Way too long in that lamp

Too long in the dark

This feels like it has been one long stretch

Who put me in there from the start?

Hang on it was that wicked witch

Who lives in the tree stump!



Time to stretch

These bent and buckled joints

And muscles

Where are my feet?

Oh heck looks at my dress

My hair is a mess

Now this is causing distress


I can hear you say I’m going

To ask for three wishes

Hang on a minute…

I think I deserve mine first

O what shall I wish for?



Genie, Genie of the lamp

Oh how I wish that you could be here

And grant me just three wishes

O heck I have just used up a wish

O how I wish that you could

Release me from this wood

And the bind to the lamp

O genie of the lamp

Help me get out of this

So that I can feel such bliss


© Teresa Joseph Franklin

10th April 2012

All Rights Reserved


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