Ode to the Future



What may happen?-But no one cared-

The Whole World depended upon the internet and all books were lost or destroyed so all human knowledge is gone-Quote-Mike Webb.


I used my computer until it no longer worked-but it broke and I threw it away.


I saw piles and piles of trash on the Earth-and in the Seas-no one cared.


Most of the fish are dead. I never knew how to take care of them-I was very young -No one taught me how. The ones who did try to teach me-were wrong and my fish died.

I had many books. The people came and said-you need this computer-

I did not know what to think.


Were they wrong or was it me?


One day-all the books that were true and good and full of right things to do--they were destroyed.


The computers were all broken all over the World.


Then one day much later -the humans left on this planet said-"We must try to survive- but we are now dead and not even living"

-the leaders who were evil already destroyed all-

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