The Storm



Because true friends are priceless. Keep them close, keep them safe, they'll do the same for you if they're true...

True friends will ride the storm with you,

Hold you up when you're starting to drown,

They'll wait by your side for the rain to pass by,

Enjoy your peace when the battle slows down.


The rest around you are fakers,

Chasers of nonsensical glory,

Feeding off of your sadness, your struggle,

Waiting for your downfall story.


They leave roses on the sand I walk along,

Happy reminders of where we've been, 

Until I am cut by their vicious truths,

Hiding underneath the beautiful scene.


I learn friendships are short and tainted,

Always too late it hits me,

That this is where charming sycophants dwell.

This world of reality is fakery.


This is the world where I've given so much,

And they've take take taken it all,

To throw into the wind that blows me down,

To fuel the angry waves that cause me to fall.


I'm struggling to keep above raging tides,

To catch breaths between angry raindrops,

Sinking, exhausted and drained of all hope,

A hand reaches for me — the struggle stops.


My true friend rode the storm with me,

Held me up when I thought I would drown,

Together we waited for the rain to pass,

Then we sat, peacefully, while the battle slowed down

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