Blonde Locks



Semantic confusion mirrors chaotic blackout, prayers don't answer themselves, religious undertones, is this fiction, metaphor, drama based on true story, or?

Blonde Locks


blonde locks

under lock and key

A prayer to be set free

dies in His pocket


A love, frozen

On the rocks

Dead weight on top

"God, can't you

Make him stop!?"

if not

I can...

With my will

I will...


Spit runs down the mirror

Destined to die alone

Calling out, but who here 'd hear?

How many times, different ways

Can you say "(so) What?"


Oh, the nothing

Ain't my biggest fear

I just wanna find a home

Drunken: would his blood run clear?

The world could breathe

With one less clone...


She says goodbye to hello

Good bye to hell, oh

she says goodbye to "hello?"

Good bye to hell, yo

Says her goodbyes

Bellows mellowed

If you dont know

Now you know

Why she says goodbye

Eyes stay low

Blow buy blow by blow bye blow

She says goodbye, hello?




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