The Guilty Finger Points



A lyric about the cost of blame deflection.

When blame is cast

Performance often weak

Faced with story problems from the start

Missed cues amassed

Interest fails to pique

Lose the point of just what to impart

Narrow broadcast

Empty headed critique

No sides, sow ardor a la carte

So much bombast

Point of view oblique

While truly a story, is it art?

Out, the downcast facing culpability

At some stages the show disappoints

Disowned by our own gullibility

Alone the guilty finger points

Upon the bully pulpit

The man of god regales

A people on the wages of their sin

Breathes fire from the bull pit

Paradisal tales

Of heaven and just why we won’t get in

And even though it’s bullshit

Such blather never fails

To generate the proper discipline

Blame devil in his coal pit

For humanities travails

Outsourcing all the reasons we can’t win

Down the outlaw faces culpability

In kingdoms where corruption anoints

Apotheosis of our imbecility

From there the guilty finger points

Engulf cities in flame

Cast people into despair

Humanity can choke upon its rancor

Play the global game

The glutted little care

That their future’s governed by the tanker

Incapable of shame

Depredations everywhere

Society as heartless as a banker

Point fingers of blame

There’s guilt enough to share

No reason sinking with our moral anchor

Downtrodden the outcast faces culpability

In such empires corruption appoints

Apotheosis of irresponsibility

From here the guilty finger points

Outraged the downsized face dispensability

Dejected directive disjoints

A pox upon our inflexibility

For here the guilty finger points



© 2012

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