A Night of Stars



I am a children's author and mostly write for children. There was a crossover though from children's stories to poetry and finally children's stories written in verse format. Here is a poem from that interim, poetry time. It is called A Night of Stars. Night-time can be magical


If I could sleep amongst the stars

The Cloak of Night would cover me

But in my hair I'd wear those stars

Like jewels of light for all to see


In showers of meteorites I'd bathe 

Then dance across the velvet night

To divest myself of shooting stars

Like scattered Chips of diamond light 


How light of foot I would become

To dance from star to star with ease

I'd glide down on a moonbeam slide

And dance upon the foam-tipped seas


I'd sparkle on this magic night

And never would I feel forlorn

Except when night-time lost it's hold

The stars to fade with coming dawn





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