This Summer Chill



Long summers — lounging under lucent sky Wallowing in translucent waters Beguiling senses — feeling tension ebbing Until illusion whispers Adieu to Summer Chill

©BrittleWindowz 2016


Horizontal alabaster thin

Blowtorch whispers

Sear the skin

As wandering mind

Hides within

ThIs summer chill


Lucent light

Alight the lids

Heavy under cyan sky

unhurried sighs

Caressing time

This summer chill


Loose of limb

Embracing tranquil warm

Flowing waters

Warm within

Soothing sin

This summer chill


Sweet the sound

Nectar rich and

Charming senses

dulled in sand

Disarming defences

This summer chill


Bewitched – beguiled

As heartbeat slows

To steady thud that

Softly shreds illusions mask

a subtle adieu to

This summer chill



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