Chasing tale



It's okay not to know.


 Stuff that boo hoo, no one wants to hear it

when you're the damn fool who got you too near it.

So, you thought you knew and proclaimed you could steer it

but, when the froth flew what you maintained couldn't clear it.


 Repeat that mistake and every ache you'll have earned.

We each can relate how fates' tables had turned.

When we play with the flame, dance around and get burned,

we need to say we're to blame and perchance, then we've learned.


 One might be right, might won't make it so.

A fight's not too bright, armed only with ego.

If one stays polite, there's a light that will show.

It's a sages delight to cite "I just don't know".



 Well, wrinkle my whisker. This is not good...>-=^;>



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