me time/meditation

A little me time helps placate a fatigued mind

Alleviating unwanted cognitive afflictions

Removing acrimonious demons

Exorcising dark, uninvited thoughts

Freeing the mind of negative shadows

Instilling peace and tranquility

Fashioning a bubble of unconditional bliss

My entire being floating on a cotton wool cloud

Soaring high in the sky

Pure silence

All my woes released into the wild

A simple meditation

Twenty minutes per day

Keeps me sane

Keeps me content

Keeps the world's melancholies at bay

A higher state of consciousness

One can create a new world

Your unique utopia

Where peace and joy go hand in hand

Mountainous landscapes

Pristine lakes

Scarlet skies

And once practiced ...

Spiritual enlightenment

It's a simple process

It's free

Give it a go

You never know

It may change your life




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