Bully (Part 2)



I thought I would write a second part to my poem "Bully". I hope you like this one as much as you did the first one.

Finally out
After all this time
Vengeance is sweet
And it will be mine

It's graduation
At the school today
He thought he'd show up
And have his way

Seeing the other students 
In their caps and gowns
It made his blood boil
And it made him frown

If not for these kids
He would be there too
But he was in jail
With nothing to do

Except think and plan
Then plan some more
For the day he got out
From behind this door

The nights were long
As he laid in his bed
All this time that he lost
He still wants their heads

He's finally here
And he will have his way
The time has come 
For them to pay

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Up on that stage
He's got 8 long years
Of pent up rage

The time has come
A gun, he did acquire
So he took it out
And started to fire

First round hit a student
Standing in the front
He loved to see him fall
If he must be so blunt

He fired again
Rounds two, three and four 
He relished the sight
Of students falling to the floor

One round hit a student
In the back of his head
With a sickening crack
Another was dead

He shot again
The bullets, they would soar
When the gun was empty
He loaded some more

When all was done
He took it all in
It never occurred to him
What he'd done was a sin

He just sat and waited
For the cops to come
To take him away
His work here was done


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