From Burma with hate



This poem is for all the Rohingya Muslims suffering in Burma. I write to highlight the mentality of the people causing the atrocities. Some people maybe committing the atrocities in the name of the religion. This poem is also a tribute to all people suffering oppression. Lour and creed

'The world is looking away,
It's time to have our day;
To be rid of these vermin
That have plagued our land.

Parasites drifting in from the sea,
suckling on our generosity
Now they can beg for mercy
They must suffer with intensity
We will not stop until the white man intercedes.

We drag them naked through the streets
Like animals, we won't rest
until we watch them bleed.
The world does not care
Lest they loose their share
Others are doing the same
So let there be blood rain.

Condemnation...who cares?
The world is in need
We can rid it of this disease
Every one is fighting it
And so must we

Men and women, young and old
All will be culled with extreme prejudice
Others will believe us when we say;
"These are just terrorists"
They are trying to change our ways
we are people of peace;
We care for the animals in the woods.
No one cares for the truth
We must bend it to our suit
Worry not, our path is rubber stamped:
"Buddha approved".


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