hopeful sunny sunshine poem for my future lover, friend who I have yet to meet and be with eternally


A day full of joy

A day full of hope

A day full of faith

A day minus the jibes

This is my day with all the good vibes

This is my day of total bliss and joy

The sunny sunshine

This is our day of love

A love so divine

The sunny sunshine

Oh be mine!

Who knows where this will lead us?

Where our love grows

Time and time

Alone can be ours

Hearts and hearts

Beating as one

Not alone

The sunny sunshine

All golden


The starry nights

Shining for us so bright

Bright, bright

The sunny sunshine

Golden rays

Gladdening, never saddening

Oh the warmth the heat

That we can never beat!

My vision, vision

My mission, mission

You’re the one for me

And one day we’ll meet

And I know that you are out there waiting

Waiting, waiting

Oh the vision of the dream

Knowing that you’ll be so close to me

One day, some day

Hey, hey

I’ve my arms and heart

Wide open

For you, you!

So boy oh boy


Cos I feel like I need to bellow

 Oh yellow, yellow

Bright and breezy

Make it easy

Make it crystal clear

And be so near

I love you

Love you from this distance

No matter what the distance

I’ll be here waiting

Waiting for you

No matter what it takes!

We’ll make our own mistakes

Along this long, long road

But we have been told

To be patient, be still

It’ll happen in its own good time

So for now my love

Who’ll be sent from above!

The sweetest of dreams

Till we meet

A happy greet

And just remember my heart and arms

Are open wide for you!

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

3rd June 2016

All Rights Reserved


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