That Moment




That moment ...

I will never forget

You spoke so softly; an angel's murmur against my ear

Like fine tresses of silk brushing against my skin

Then as your words drifted into my head

Horror grabbed me without warning

Stifling my breath, numbing my soul

Distorting reality; opening the gates of Hades

An outpouring of total blackness

My heart drowning in a well of ravenous maggots

Your heartrending announcement

It stays with me like a crude tattoo

Carved into my mind

And as that moment drifted, the war commenced

A one-sided battle

An brutal confrontation 

The disease calling all the shots

A merciless foe

Sucking you dry

While I could only watch as a helpless bystander

Then ... then it was over

The war concluded

Your pain and suffering at an end

My sentence just beginning

Grief took me

Followed by anger

My mind refusing to accept

I kept asking myself


Why you?

I'm still  searching for an answer

After so many years ...

I'm still searching



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