Snow ode.



Oh do tread lightly!

 It's neat when the breeze blows the snows from the trees and releases the seasons host deities.

A treat AND a tease, these froze nose deities, in degrees well beneath where we'd freeze.

But, I test not these glees from the trees canopies, in parties of pleasing ghost sparklies,

lest one or more sees their opportunities to bury me and my fleece dungarees.


 Then when the suns' ray comes on a clear day and waves of it's warmth can be felt,

if the wind doesn't sway, some munchkins will stay but, they pay when their forms start to melt.

These wet gargoyles wait for the most annoying date to inundate with the fate they've been dealt.

Yet a wet plaster to pate or wet nape from snow wraith, exhilarates, and I can take a good pelt.


 But, beware the slow insidious flow, that you know only grows 'til it goes.

This cold-souled old troll seems fairly mellow but, woe to those who don't predispose.

"The Snow Ogre of Portico" lords over those below and shows when his ire's arose,

to those souls he's chose, of nose, toes and bellows, a dose of encase, encapsulate and enclose.




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