Procrastination — The Writers Curse



Coffee and quietI’m living the dream.Now to get writing,oh, the screen needs a clean.Now that I’m settledfingers ready to fly,but my mouth is feelinga little bit dry.My coffee cup’s emptyI’ll just top it up,and those breakfast...

Coffee and quiet
I’m living the dream.
Now to get writing,
oh, the screen needs a clean.
Now that I’m settled
fingers ready to fly,
but my mouth is feeling
a little bit dry.
My coffee cup’s empty
I’ll just top it up,
and those breakfast things
I’ll quickly wash up.

Phew, it’s a task,
this writing game.
But I’m finally settled, although,
I’m not really happy,
with my characters name.
Quick search on google,
names beginning with D,
oh look an email,
from my twitter feed.
I have a new follower,
I’ll just a have a look,
well, that’s interesting,
She’s promoting her book.
Who is she following
I’ll give a re-tweet.
Up pops another,
I see Dave’s back on his feet

Time to focus,
to knuckle down.
I ought to get dressed,
I’m still in my dressing gown.
Right that’s it,
now, how do you spell…
Oh god no,
that's the bloody door bell.
Oh well, what can I say,
you get five minutes to write
and life gets in your way.

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