There is security in the familiar, in what we know and trust. but I believe true freedom lies beyond the familiar and that we can have both. We were all given wings should we not use them.............


On the ground

Unable to lift off

Comfort found with a companion

Yearning for the skies

Held down by guilt

Fleeting passion keeps her captive

The desire to soar ebbs and wanes

The land is bountiful in its pleasures.


Time passes and fear takes hold

The wing is healed

But the desire is diminished

Uncertainty is a barrier

Perhaps acceptance has its own rewards

A risk can bring disappointment

Yet born for the skies

She has to take flight.


Fear now as far away

As the land beneath her

Soaring above the earth

She feels doubly blessed

For she can touch down at will

And reach higher and higher

At peace in both places

Where none can hold her captive.

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