Distraction Inaction



/ love

A piece transcribing an experience occurring over a brief yet intensely emotional period of time.

Another illusion crossed my mind today
in pieces scattered apart like shadows
through rustling trees
It's only a breeze one can see
when one is broken

I became unspoken
a nightmare from which I have not yet awoken
has erased my face from what seemed
its natural place and has become
a blemish to be worn as a token

Reality was a mirror for a moment
then replaced with an instant space
and then gravity simply overwhelmed.
Fortunately, my landing was saved
from disaster mitigated as disgrace
in equal measure to stars I found displaced
within what seemed an innocent face.

Another hand outstretched
and slapped away before the break of day
while the winds of mind hurl a hollow grind
It's a present to remind one's mind
of the very presence of time
rippling in the breeze.

What may be temporal
can be ever so floral
as to become a part of one's heart
contained within empty carts transcribing
hopeful charts not a part of a shared start

The inevitable fall hurts us all
in the disruption of time and temperature.
When ill will keeps us chill there is no hill
we will not kill to pursue the magic of splendour.
An aspiration of derangement begging changes
for one's arrangement with reality endangered
cuts across the bridge between worlds
surging with ecstasy unfurled

Weather wisps they become
like a smoking gun choosing terror on the run
with beaded braids of sweat curling up one's chest
The breeze brings me to my knees and steps up
the squeeze which sleeps in the trees

There lies the nest chased by a crest
no sooner than become zest
like a feather uncaressed
somehow blessed
a breath heaved by a heavy chest
leaving hope for tomorrow to echo with sorrow
and a future remembered but never borrowed.

temet nosce

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