Third World Country People's dreams



Catched on insecurity, bound to misery but I keep on trying with no hesitation.

There are some rules that we are to follow in life.
The ones that we create,  based on how we focus our senses by nature.
To get a proper emotional stability.
To find the desired freedom that we all deserve.
And the ones that were imposed by the society and the ancient conservative thinking.
I never wonder, what's the reason why this life is not fair?. 
why was I born in a third world country?
However, I'm always expecting everything.
but at the same time I'm nothing expecting
There is no in-between point.
nevertheless, my destiny is undeniable.
I never have fought back against my future.
It is already written down on a yellow piece of paper
Not even the flames of fire can burn it out.
But don't worry, I'll keep on waiting
with passion and ambition underneath the darkness
It is never one way, it is a round trip, I'm coming back with something better.
Chances are like the brightest star over the sky.
But if they shoot, always will be one waiting to guide me to heaven.
I just give it time to time.
Magic to magic.
and when the petals of a flower wake up
All my dreams will come true.


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