A piece of emotive poetry I composed while reflecting on personal memories.

Losing yourself in the scenery of tomorrow
A contemplation around a summer’s dusk
The rush of the wind rolling in the valleys below
As the shimmering sunlight caresses your eyes

There is still that chance which holds inner peace
And binds your future presence together
Walking towards somewhere else – no other reason
Because it was there – it was there all along

Though the sea is dark, and the sky is black
Ships will sail along silently with their orders in hand
We roll along, head over heels over and over
Knowing that dream – that day – is still there

What gives the masses this urge to live on
Is the same that gives rise to the fear of beyond
Becoming smiles to some, and mourning for others
Caring words blown around the next corner

And still the children shriek with delight
Their cocoons still intact, bearing them out
As the doves fight for control of the skies far above
The long shadows each cast have no memory

Images emerge from the misty twilight
Faces of those we have known and forgotten
Wondering out loud what ever happened to whomever
                                                                                         …and the ships sail on through the night…

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