Falsehood is Friend



Superficial is a society that seeks to flatter extrinsic beauty that has no depth... Superficial are those that are drawn to it — or are we blinded... Should we remain so? For if we scratch the surface — are we lost? Unable to surface... Lost to the light.

The sparkle that you captivate and cajole

Camouflaging quiet fires that still to stone

Do they know? Those drawn like moths to the flame – that the flame is cold and long

A user of words to flatter – and to quicken unguarded superficial souls

Unknown the need they seek to fill as your deception holds them prisoner – and oh!

They bask and glory but the light is false and fleeting

You move then on and in the shadows the fire has gone – chilling – and desolate in lone sorrow

Embers of a lost tomorrow

When did they know you?

When the repetition of familiarity broke the bond?

And pretence of ‘pretenscious-ness’ unveiled its brittle song

Glimpses, fleeting, revealing

Quick smiles you sold did not reach those pretty windows of your soul – and yet…

The void once seen you could not hope ever to forget

Shallowness in all its glory are we entrapped in infernal misery?

Bereft of sweet insanity

How shall we free ourselves from exquisitely
abandoning ourselves to this falsehood – that is friend…

What is better in the end?



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