A jolly soul, a catfish Christmas carol.



A fish eye view of what Santa can do


 It's not so shocking to hear Jingle Bells rocking as we near closer to this Christmas eve.

His watch is tick-tocking, drinking reindeer spill flocking, 'til Santa and his gift business leave.

Stalking the stockings, walking by socking in sweets and some soot from his sleeve.

Then stopping the clocking for a little off-knocking while hocking a milk and cookie reprieve.


 Then, a small child check with a grin and cheek peck and sugar plums stuffed in each ear

in case there's a wreck on his trek to the roof deck when he slaloms back to sled and reindeer.

Much more amazing, how the old gnome's home lazing the other fifty-one weeks a year.

Then, such roaring and blazing, all at once getting crazy, and racing to get this year into gear...


 It must be magic dust that causes the fuss and a little mojo in the ho, ho's he'll bust,

I'll trust that it's just a small, perky plus but, to us looks like a face full of crust.

Then, he's back up so quick with his nose and finger trick, not a whisker nor hair getting mussed.

Saint Nick is so slick, in the tick of a clock click, once again we've been "Merry Christmassed".

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