The Truth



Written from my personal experience of losing myself and then finding myself again and realizing the truth about who I am and have always been.

The truth is…I’ve been broken

Heart bound hands open

Drowning on the inside

Smiling through the dark nights


The truth is….I’d been in hiding

Burying the truth behind the lies

From beauty queen to broken dreams

Who I was, was no more


The truth is…I’d been ashamed

How could I end up in this place

Surely I was the one to blame

As I so skillfully hid my tears


The truth is…I’d forgotten

I’d given my power away

I left it all to someone else

To the hunter I was prey


The truth is…I am truth

From my inner crown to my reaching roots

My broken self I had to mend

I had to learn who I am again


I am woman, strong, and smart

Full of freedom and possibilities

My mind is clear

My heart is open


I have reclaimed my power

And in this truth I live

In this truth, I am

I Am Truth

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