True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



I wrote this poem, to emphasize, how special and important every human-being is . Every person have a divine purpose, and mark , that they leave behind, wherever they go. Each person's value is, PRICELESS !


You are , the apple of God's eye .

You are, the rhythm of His heart .

You are, His most precious treasure .

You are created for His delight and pleasure .


You are engraved on the palm of His hand .

You are highly favoured and loved by God .

You are the song He dances to, passionately .

You are the one He daily chases after .


You are crowned with God's glory .

You are seated with Christ in heavenly places .

You are destined for greatness by God .

You are God's unique gift to this world.


You are, an ambassador of heaven .

You are a reflection of God on the earth .

You are, God's masterpiece  .

You are , what God wants to call ,

' My friend!'










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