Summers day



/ summer

I know it is not summer yet but I came up with this cheerful poem right now.

The stars radiant light in the sky,

The moons illuminating beams descending into the galaxies,

Catching every constellation there is on show.


The warm summers night sky,

Reflecting the cheerful days.

The beaches looking out of the horizon,

Catching the waves that move onto the shore,

Drifting to the lands bay.


The palm trees swaying in the slight breeze,

The lights lighting up the bars seen from across the walls,

Silence has come and that is all you can hear, silence.


Couples holding hands,

Dancing in the wind, swaying side to side,

Giving each other the love they deserved.


Families having a peaceful night,

The children playing with all their friends,

A one off treat since it is the blissfully holidays.


Next day arrives with a wonderful joy,

The suns beams dazzling in the air,

Capturing the moments that come out to life,

The children yet again playing and playing,

The families chatting and chatting,

Having a great time.


The seagulls releasing their energy,

For the sky is a shade of blue,

Capturing the nature of this world.




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