Permanent Marker



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So many signs on the side of the street... sometimes I want to place some of my own, don't you?

Permanent Marker

Rabbits for Sale, Fifteen Dollars,  

offered the roadside

homemade sign.  


Boer Goats and German

Shepherd Pups,


Free Blueberry

Picking Today.


            I tasted berries and fresh cream.


I passed the leangrazing horses --

pastiche farms, staggered

bales of hay ---


counted goats and trolls and bridges;

things are never quite what they seem.


Boiled Peanuts, Firewood,

Jesus Saves,


In my mind, the longwork day waned.

I passedun-tended country graves.


I put up scribbled cardboard

signs, in fours as I’ve seen people do,

on every troubled,

lonely lane.


Lost Lover: Last in Lucent



Likes to Play, Never

Does Get Bored,


Answers to Fox,

and Sometimes “Woo.”


Stubborn. Don’t Put Him a Leash.

Double the earlier reward.


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